Enjoy a fabulous wine and grape juice tasting at Die Keldery

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August 7, 2018
Visit Die Keldery in the heart of the Namaqua West Coast
October 2, 2018

Enjoy a fabulous wine and grape juice tasting at Die Keldery

A wine tasting is one of the best activities you can enjoy with family and friends. And Die Keldery, situated at the Goedgemeen farm on Spruitdrift outside Vredendal, is the perfect place to do it.

The restaurant boasts the highest quality wines from the Namaqua wine range, the local producer in the area. Why not take a seat at the Die Keldery wine tasting room? You can enjoy a wine pairing for only R50 per person or a four-wine tasting for only R20.

“Each wine contains a unique smell and aroma, but it can sometimes be difficult to identify these differences during a wine tasting,” says Adri Coetzee, restaurant and function coordinator. “We provide a list of attributes for the wines during your wine tasting and you only need to tick the appropriate options for each combination, making notes about the taste and select a rating. Because it differs from person to person, there is no wrong answer,”

Visitors can stop by Die Keldery from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 and 17:00 and enjoy the award-winning Namaqua wine range with different types of chocolate or biltong. Broaden your taste buds and embark on a taste adventure.

You can enjoy the following wines with biltong or chocolate during the wine tasting sessions:

Wine and biltong:

  • Namaqua Natural Sweet Rosé with chilli bites
  • Spencer Bay The Blend with beef biltong
  • Spencer Bay Cabernet Sauvignon with droëwors
  • Spencer Bay Pinotage with cabanossi
  • Namaqua Natural Sweet Red with barbeque bites

Wine and chocolate:

  • Namaqua Sauvignon Blanc with Lindt Excellence Intense Orange
  • B4play Spumante with Lindt Excellence Vanilla
  • Spencer Bay Pinotage with Lindt Excellence Chilli
  • Spencer Bay Cabernet Sauvignon with Lindt Excellence with a touch of sea salt
  • Namaqua white Muscadel with Lindt Excellence 70% cocoa

“The wine is the star of the show, so you will always try the wine before the chocolate, and then again the wine. Take your time to enjoy the flavours of both. Remember, you are looking for a balance and similar flavours,” Coetzee adds.

Die Keldery also offers a grape juice tasting for children so they don’t feel left out while the adults are drinking. This juice tasting for the children is only R35.

Come and visit the heart of the Namaqua West Coast and enjoy these delicious wines at Die Keldery’s wine tasting room.

For more information about wine and grape juice tasting, please call 027 213 3699 or send an email to dekeldery@namaquawines.com. Also visit Die Keldery’s Facebook page at @diekelderyrestaurant, follow Die Keldery on Instagram at @diekeldery or on Twitter at @DieKeldery. Also visit Die Keldery’s website at diekeldery.com/en/.